Roberto Pastoriza, 



Roberto Pastoriza graduated from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in 1993 AA Commercial Photography with extensive experience with 4x5 View Camera for studio product work. Currently  attending The AI of Pittsburgh for his BS in Digital Photography, continuing to finish with an MS from the same Art Institute. 

For over 20 years photography has been his passion, not only for the fact of knowledge about his craft but in the creativity and the story that each image must convey.

Roberto inaugurated several art photography expositions in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic from 1998 to as recent as 2012. among book covers, newspaper and magazine work as well as University and Photography school lectures about the art and science of photography.

In 2000 and 2005 the organizers asked him to do other expositions there in order to provide a presentation on Commercial and Photo Illustration for the Cultural Arts and Photography School as well as participate in Photographer Collectives in which he found a special interest learning the trend each year of the local talent, new as well as veteran. 

2012 Roberto was called upon covering the international event of "Cosmo-Estilo" along with his wife the, fashion stylist, to be recognized in the realm of fashion and commercial photography.

Roberto took part in August 2013 in the Sports Illustrated Style Photoshoot in Miami Beach, brought by renown LA/NYC commercial photographer Kevin Michael Schmitz. Models from FORD, Elite, Whilamina and NEXT agencies were part of this major production and published work on the LA Fashion Magazine September issue. 

This experience service to further hone the lighting techniques, the logistics of the staff taking part in the photoshoot and the ability to create large productions with ease and professionalism.

Recent Clients: Nortech Hi-Perfoamnce Boats, Hair Devinci, Kidzone, Gaston Jewelry Studio, just to name a few. 


Extensive experience with all of the following:

Nikon, Canon, TOYO 4x5 View Camera Operation, Novatron lighting, Norman lighting, ProPhoto, multitude of light modifiers, Photoshop CC2015, Lightroom CC2015.